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Hello, future Canadians! Today we debunk the most common myths and misconceived notions you must be having about studying in or moving to Canada. It is not as difficult as they make you think it is. Read on to know the answers to these crucial questions by our experienced and licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant, Ronak Patel…

What are your options with an Overall 6.0 IELTS and no less than 5.5 bands in ONE section?

This is the most difficult question that a lot of consultants cannot answer. Well, Root On has the answer! We can help you find out the most suited program for you without worrying about giving numerous attempts to get the right score. With the same score we have helped students get admission with a visa faster than you can think. Our Facebook page reviews are a reflection of the same.

Colleges taking too long to answer in Ontario and other provinces?

With more and more people applying to the same provinces and colleges, it has attained a level of saturation and thus, leading to longer wait times in receiving responses. Besides, the first come first served rule no longer holds true. The student who has greater IELTS score and academic grades takes priority at most institutions of Ontario and British Columbia. We have got you the solution to this problem! We can help find out the best fit course for you based on your score and you don’t need to worry about what college/institution you should apply for. Unlike other consultants, Root On will not scare you about low scores or provinces, but walk you smoothly through the entire process without any hassles!

Is it easier to get Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) after studying from Quebec?

Having lived in Canada and particularly in Montreal, Quebec for over 8 years, we can assure you that Quebec is one of the fastest emerging Canadian provinces that is attracting students and immigrants from people all over the world owing to its diverse culture, affordable lifestyle and the welcoming people. One of the major reasons why it is such a popular destination for immigration is the fast, easy and skill oriented immigration program established by the provincial government. If you are willing to learn French and settle in Quebec, we can help you immigrate faster than you think and figure out ways to qualify under any of Quebec’s immigration programs. Not to mention that Quebec government now pays you to study French even if you are an international student or temporary resident.

Quebec! Here are some of the benefits that make Quebec an attractive spot for students.

  • Though French is the primary language of this central province of Canada, the language stands no barrier for you to set foot in Quebec.
  • The province of Quebec caters to its immigrants with not just a strong economy and natural beauty but also with a variety of immigration programs that are in favor of the immigrants.
  • Once an immigrant has successfully met the immigration criteria (which differs from the rest of the country), the province offers a high standard of living.
  • The applicants are not restricted by age, however applicants of age group 20-35 and those having knowledge of French and English languages are given preference.
  • Easy access to public infrastructure and transportation.
  • Subsidized rates for health facilities, insurance coverage, and education.
  • With a vibrant society and multicultural ambiance, the province is an apt choice to raise a family.
  • The daycare facility is quite reasonable compared to other provinces. (i.e. $7.55 a day for the subsidized one).
  • The international students also get the benefit of reasonable and affordable living expenses here.
  • Offers a world-class educational system with preferential fees for the permanent residents at any reputed universities. 
  • Being entitled to world-renowned universities like Mcgill University, Quebec further gets value addition to itself. 
  • Flexible college education with 2-3 days a week, being paid for French.
  • Quebec offers efficient private and public health care systems and provides Canadian passports for international travel.
  • It provides a safe, secure and serene environment for its inhabitants.
  • The province caters to an efficient social security to its citizens and offers financial aid to the needy.
  • The immigration procedures are swift and multiple opportunities are provided for the same.
  • The province contributes to the administration programs for business and technological development keeping in mind to sustain their architectural heritage.
  • Quebec offers a wide range of employment opportunities to the immigrants and helps them develop professionally and personally.
  • Also, the setting up of R&D departments by numerous tech companies creates an opportunity to give a ‘Startup’ environment in Quebec and so, better opportunities for future graduates, especially from the IT industry.

Is it worth studying in Quebec if you do not wish to learn French?

Our research indicates that most of the students who graduate from their institutions from Ontario or British Columbia, tend to migrate to other provinces in order to gain Permanent Residency through Provincial Nominee programs or other immigration programs. As IELTS requirement is comparatively low in Quebec, compared to other provinces as well as the tuition fees are also very reasonable ($24 -25,000 CAD dollars for a 2 years program) compared to other provinces (30/35,000 CAD dollars for 2 years program), Quebec makes it a cost-effective option. Also, the Government of Quebec pays you to learn French, just in case you are interested. Moreover, there are plenty of job opportunities available as the Quebec government continues to add jobs to the Canadian economy.

Why choose Root On?

Root On Immigration Consultants Inc. is run and founded by Ronak Patel, an RCIC Member of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. We have almost a decade of experience in the Canadian immigration industry ranging from Student Visas, Temporary Resident Permits such as Visitor Visa and Work Permit Visa, Permanent Residence, Provincial Nominee Program and Business Visa. Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and also having it’s branches in India, Root On thrives on the pillars of student satisfaction, leadership and success and hence, our primary focus is to be student – centric at all times. Rest assured, you are in safe hands!

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