Planning to Study in Canada? You must know the recent policy changes!

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Is delaying your present career plan for Canada worthy?

A lot more things have turned up globally and that has impacted even the education system, right? Does that mean to end-up or delay your career? One needs to be wise with their career decisions. 

To cope up with the demanding scenario, Marco E.L. Medicino, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship in Canada came up with some new policies making it feasible for aspirants to sustain their immigration plan for Canada.

Are you aware of the new updates in policies for Canada aspirants?

In order to ensure the certainty about students’ ability to enter Canada once the dust settles, certain immigration application criteria have been temporarily changed for the fall session. 

The new measures include:

  • providing priority study-permit processing for students who have submitted a complete application online, to ensure that permits are processed as quickly as possible
  • allowing students to count the time spent pursuing their studies online abroad towards their eligibility for a post-graduation work permit, if they have submitted a study permit application and if at least 50% of their program is completed in Canada
  • providing reassurances to international students who cannot submit all of the documentation needed to complete processing of their applications, and who choose to pursue programs through distance learning, by implementing a temporary 2-stage approval process

This process is available to students starting their programs in the fall semester and those who submit their study permit applications before September 15, 2020. This measure will reassure students that they can enroll and begin their studies this fall online, even when they are not able to submit all required documentation due to pandemic-related closures.

So, when things are in your favor, why procrastinate your plans for Canada? Get expert advice from an experienced and ICCRC registered Immigration Consultant and proceed further with confidence.

 Study in Canada, but are you familiar with all the feasible options?

Generally, seekers drop the idea to apply for fall season intake due to a lack of awareness about the options available to them. One may pick up a particular city with no justified reason possibly because they are not guided well with other, better possible ways. So, you know what? There is a beautiful province called Quebec, which has student-centric policies. The province gives a wide array of self-development options with liberal and supportive application policies. 

  • Eager to know more about Quebec and how it’s gonna please you?

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