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Why Choose Our Coaching Services?

Our Canadian immigration coaching service is a strategic choice for Canadian education, offering expert guidance, a tailored approach, and comprehensive preparation. Led by experienced instructors familiar with Canadian immigration criteria, we cover IELTS, PTE, CELPIP, CAEL, and TOEFL exams comprehensively, providing strategies, realistic practice sessions, and targeted improvement methods. Our focus on individual strengths and weaknesses ensures readiness to meet crucial language proficiency standards for immigration success. Choosing our service significantly enhances the chances of achieving required scores for a successful immigration application, setting the stage for a promising future in Canada. Root On's specialized coaching methodology and deep expertise distinguish us, not just in test preparation but also in facilitating cultural and communication skills expected by Canadian institutions. As partners in your journey, we're committed to turning aspirations into tangible results, establishing a strong foundation for a bright future in Canada.

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Simple, smooth and transparent !


Initial Consultation

Begin your journey with a one-on-one session to assess your language proficiency and understand your specific goals for IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, CAEL, Duolingo, or CELPIP.


Customized Study Plan

Based on the initial assessment, we design a personalized study plan that aligns with your language level, schedule, and test objectives.


Interactive Coursework

Engage in interactive lessons focusing on key test areas - reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Our courses are tailored to each test's format and requirements.


Practice Tests

Regular practice tests under real exam conditions to build confidence and track progress. Detailed feedback is provided to identify and work on weak areas.


One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Personalized coaching sessions focusing on specific challenges you face in your test preparation, offering targeted strategies and tips.


Resource Access

Gain access to a wealth of resources, including study materials, practice questions, and video tutorials, to aid in your test preparation.


Progress Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of your progress to ensure you are on track to achieving your desired test scores, with adjustments made to your study plan as needed.


Final Review

A comprehensive review session before your test date to reinforce key concepts and strategies, ensuring you are fully prepared.


Ongoing Support

Even after your course ends, we provide ongoing support to answer any last-minute questions and offer guidance right up to your test day.

Comparative Guide to English Proficiency Tests

Essential Info for Test-Takers

Exam NameFull NamePurposeModules & Skills TestedDurationModesSessionsTest AvailabilityTest RegistrationRe-Test Wait PeriodScoringResultsScore ValidityCostTypes of QuestionsNumber of Questions
PTEPearson Test of EnglishStudent visa; college admissionsSpeaking & Writing, Reading, Listening2 hoursOnly at a Test Centre, Only Computer-deliveredSingle sessionEvery day (depends on the test centre)Up to 24 hours in advanceAfter receiving score report (2-3 days)Only automated, Overall: out of 90, Individual modules: out of 90In 48 hours2 years₹ 15,900S: 5 types, W: 2 types, R: 5 types, L: 8 typesTotal 52-73, S: 25-31, W: 2-4, R: 13-18, L: 12-20
IELTSInternational English Language Testing SystemStudent visa; college admissionsListening, Reading, Writing, SpeakingLRW: 2 hours 40 mins, S: 11-14 minsOnly at a Test Centre, Paper-based and Computer-deliveredTwo sessions: 1 for LRW, 1 for SCDT: every day, PBT: 4-5 times a monthCDT: 4-5 days in advance, PBT: up to 15 days in advanceCDT: 3 days, PBT: no limitBoth human and automated, Overall: out of band 9.0, Individual modules: out of band 9.0CDT: 3-4 days, PBT: 13 days2 years₹ 16,250L: 8-9 types, R: 10-12 types, W: 2 types, S: 3 partsL: 40, R: 40, W: 2, S: (P1: 9-10; P2: 1; P3: 5-6)
TOEFLTest of English as a Foreign LanguageStudent visa; college admissionsReading, Listening, Speaking, Writing2 hoursAt a Test Centre and At Home, Paper-based and Computer-deliveredSingle session at test centre or Home edition, Two sessions for Paper editionAt test centre: 60+ times a year, Home edition: 24 hrs / 4 days a week, Paper edition: once a month (3rd Saturday)At test centre: 3-5 days in advance, Home edition: 1-2 days in advance, Paper edition: 7-10 days in advance3 daysBoth human and automated, Overall: out of 120 points, Individual modules: out of 30 pointsAt test centre: 4-8 days, Home edition: 4-8 days, Paper edition: 11-13 days2 years₹ 16,900 | $ 195R: MCQs, L: MCQs, S: 4 types, W: 2 typesR: 20, L: 28, S: 4, W: 2
DUOLINGODuolingo English Test [Adaptive Test]College admissionsLiteracy - read and write, Comprehension - read and listen, Production - write and speak, Conversation - listen and speak [individual and integrated]1 hourNOT at a Test Centre, From home or office, Only Computer-deliveredSingle sessionEvery day, any timeNo limit2 times a monthOnly automated, Overall: out of 160In 48 hours2 years$ 59S: 4-5 types, W: 4 types, R: 7-8 types, L: 4-5 typesTotal 50-58
CELPIPCanadian English Language Proficiency Index ProgramStudent visa (Canada); Permanent Residence (Canada)Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing [individual and integrated]3 hoursOnly at a Test Centre, Only Computer-deliveredSingle sessionWeekends, 2 slots a dayOne business day before the test, Depends on seat availability5 daysBoth human and automated, Overall: out of levels 3-12, Individual modules: out of levels 3-124-5 days2 years₹ 12,500L: 6 types, 38+ MCQs, R: 4 types, 38+ MCQs, S: 2 types, W: 8 typesL: 6 parts, 38+ MCQs, R: 4 parts, 38+ MCQs, W: 2 parts, 2 questions, S: 8 parts, 8 questions
CAELCanadian Academic English LanguageCollege admissions (Canada); Student Visa (only CAEL at test centre) (Canada)Speaking, Reading, Listening, Academic Unit A, Academic Unit B3.5 hoursAt a Test Centre and At Home, Only Computer-deliveredSingle sessionWeekendsOne business day before the test, Depends on seat availability4 daysBoth human and automated, Overall: out of Band 90, Individual modules: out of Band 908 days2 years₹ 12,500S: 3 types, R: 2 types + 1 R+S Integrated, L: 2 types + 1 L+S Integrated, W: 2 types (R+L+W Integrated)S: 3 questions, R: 14-25 MCQs + 1 R+S question, L: 14-25 MCQs + 1 L+S question, W: 44-60 MCQs + 2 R+L+W question
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which exam is more easier to score? IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, CELPIP, etc?
How much score do I need in IELTS to go to Canada?
Is it possible to go to Canada if I score 6 bands overall and in a single module 5.5 bands?
In which category my visa application will be filed if I appear for the PTE or TOEFL exam?