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Embark on your Canadian immigration journey with Root On's exclusive suite of tools, meticulously designed to guide you through the complexities of moving to Canada. Currently featuring our intelligent Course Recommendation System, detailed SOP Builder, and comprehensive SOWP Builder, our tools offer personalized and effective solutions tailored to essential aspects of your immigration process. While these current tools serve as your digital companions, ensuring readiness and instilling confidence for your new life in Canada.

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Course Recommendation Tool
Find the perfect academic match in Canada with our intelligent course recommendation tool, designed to align your aspirations with the ideal educational opportunities.
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SOP Builder
Craft an impressive Statement of Purpose with ease, a critical component for your study permit or immigration application, reflecting your ambitions and readiness for Canadian life.
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SOWP Builder
Craft an impressive Statement of Purpose with ease, a critical component for your study permit or immigration application, reflecting your ambitions and readiness for Canadian life.
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Simple, smooth and transparent !


Tool Selection

Begin by selecting the tool that best suits your needs: our Course Recommendation System for personalized course suggestions, SOP Builder for crafting your Statement of Purpose, or SOWP Builder for generating your cover letter for your spousal open work permit.


Data Input

For the Course Recommendation System, input your preferences including field of study, budget, and language proficiency. For SOP and SOWP Builders, fill in the necessary personal and professional details to tailor your documents effectively.


AI-Driven Analysis

Our AI algorithms analyze your inputs to generate customized outputs. The Course Recommendation System provides you with tailored course suggestions, while the SOP and SOWP Builders create personalized, compelling letters.


Review & Refine

Review the generated recommendations or letters. You have the option to refine your inputs or adjust preferences to fine-tune the results according to your satisfaction.


Expert Consultation

For any queries or further customization, our team of experts is available for consultation to ensure your tools provide the best possible outcomes tailored to your unique aspirations.



Once satisfied with the generated course recommendations, SOP, or SOWP, you can finalize your choices. For document builders, ensure all details are accurate before final submission.


Document Generation

For SOP and SOWP Builders, generate your final documents in the desired format. Our tools ensure that your letters are not only personalized but also adhere to the required standards and formats.


Continuous Access

Maintain access to your generated recommendations and documents. Revisit and revise as necessary to adapt to any changes in your academic or professional journey.


Ongoing Support

We offer continuous support for any further adjustments or queries post-generation. Our team is committed to assisting you in achieving your educational and professional goals.


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